LAMBS   Wimbledon of Squash - Centre of Excellence in Olympic 2012 capital 1 Lamb's Passage, Islington, London, EC1Y 8LE
    Save Lambs Stop the Chop       
    A  true team effort in the best interest  of the game of Squash
      Campaigns by Lambs Squash Club members to save the Wimbledon of Squash from redevelopment retaining  it as a  centre of Squash excellence.   Launched Easter 2005

    Campaign to save the Wimbledon of Squash is backed by:
    Rt Hon Richard Caborn  Minister for Sport Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP Islington South & Finsbury Chris Smith Chair of the London Cultural Consortium   Baroness Hamwee  Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Regional and Local Government, House of Lords   Matthew Delaney, Regional Director  Sport England Nick Rider Chief Executive England Squash Several thousand squash players and supporters worldwide

Why save Lambs?

The 9 court facility in central London has been a centre of excellence for more than 25 years. Today a developer backed by the Duke of Buccleuch Scotland’s wealthiest landlord wants to turn it into a pedestrian 9 storey block of flats, depriving the local community of a strategic facility which can never be replaced. Squash ranks among the UK's top 10 priority sports. British players hold more Squash world titles and rankings than in any other sport. Government planning policy (PPG17) protects facilities that are not surplus to requirement. Lambs has more than 1100 members, some 50 leagues, two county teams, a vibrant squash ladder, and a thriving player and social community in the heart of the City. Some Islington planning officers think the Duke's flats are more important. We don’t.  Nor do local councillors. So we're fighting to stop the Duke.
Backing us are key national and local figures and bodies.   Join in if you care about the future of Squash in this country

Why Islington should buy Lambs

Email to Cllr James.Kempton Leader of Islington Council,

Dear Councillor,

Thank you for your response regarding a proposal for the compulsory purchase of Lambs Squash Club.   We note your concerns and while we appreciate that the facility is of more than just local importance – indeed its national and strategic importance is what makes its retention and our approach for a CPO so critical –   our understanding and advise is that compulsory purchase orders are the prerogative of local authorities alone.  
We   believe that the 25 years of squash expertise and   know-how available at Lambs   - the Wimbledon of Squash in Islington - are valuable assets that should not be lost to this borough. They will be of considerable use in furthering local authority initiatives for improving sports facility availability particularly among younger people in Bunhill, classified among the most deprived wards in the borough.
The protection of built sports facilities is an imperative established by central government and accepted without argument by planning authorities across the country.   PPG 17 protection   was drawn up   with this in mind and as a result sets a very high barrier for developers to overcome.   PPG 17 is a sufficient justification for a CPO in this case.
The Healthcare Commission  published a report –Tackling Child Obesity - First Steps on February 28th 2006 advocating a range of approaches   to curb the obesity problem and including encouraging and supporting healthy eating and physical activity, particularly in schools.
In addition the Liberal Democrats own Policy Paper on Sport encourages active cooperation between schools and local sports facilities to provide opportunities for wider sport participation for youngsters at an early age -- Lambs fits this bill perfectly.
The nine squash courts   available at Lambs,   once open seven days a week, would be a valuable contribution to boosting the practice of sport among   schools and youth organisations in the area . According to Councillor Donna Boffa of Bunhill Ward this would help meet the concerns of local Councillors by extending spare-time activities to keep local youth off the streets and out of trouble.
We understand your budgetary concerns but we are convinced that in terms of the recently outlined Development Brief for Lamb's Passage you would be well within your rights and in the public interest, to acquire this facility under CPO.   Funding alternatives could be forthcoming.
Indeed we ourselves obtained a report from planning consultants that shows a redevelopment of the existing site, retaining in full the existing squash and gym facilities and to include three stories of accommodation above, is feasible and once the accommodation were sold off, would still provide a residual profit of some £214,569.   Hence your council would not be out of pocket should it decide to pursue a CPO and accept the redevelopment proposal   example drawn up by our consultants.  

Kind regards
Ken Pottinger
Lambs Action Team


(More details are available to members, players and supporters here)

BUILD YOUR OWN CLUB  - take the 5 minute  survey, tell us what you want at the new Lambs Squash Club™
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Help us develop a squash club that meets your needs and your aspirations
World class squash  played  regularly  at  Lambs


Downloadable documents
The documents below relate to planning applications, various campaigns to block the development, legal arguments by both sides etc  scattered throughout the site.   Their context depends on the pages where you find them. For easier reference all the documents are listed below:  

8 June  06 South Area planning subcommittee Officers Recommendation for approval  - 1 Lambs Passage P052310.pdf

7 April 05 Howard Green planning consultant letter to London Borough of Islington  re  Applic No: P05/0441 1668 L B Islington 44.4.05 (Final planning objection document).doc 

28-Sep-2005 Demolition of existing building and erection of 7 storey building plus basement to accommodate 87 residential units Application No: P052334 2nd planning application for lambs site.doc

Lib Dems policies on sports 66_sport.pdf 

A letter to Islington councillors ahead of the May 2006 local elections A letter to Islington councillors.doc

14-Mar-2006 AMENDED Application No: P052310 Additional information regarding PPG17, Daylight & Sunlight, Pan Leisure: Assessment. AMENDED APPLICATION APR 4 06 DEADLINE.doc 

  12/10/2005 Annotated Developers Appendix 3 Lamb’s Club and Other Comparable Facilities in the Surrounding AreaAppendix 3 Final Lambs Action Team annotated version.doc

Plus the audio file listen here squash.rm

  2nd August 2005 Clan Real Estate David Peck letter BuccleuchPropertyresponse .doc

  July 2004 Certificate of Incorporation DWSCO vehicle for Clan acquisitionCertificate of Incorporation DWSCO.pdf

3rd May 2006 possible use of Lambs squash facilities by local schools City of London SCHOOLSLETTERfinal11.doc 

September 2005 DP9 PLANNING STATEMENT clan planning statement - redevelopment lambs.doc

  05-08-004 Clan Real Estate various companies house documentsClan Real Estate 288a.pdf Clan Real Estate 88(2).pdfClan Real Estate Resolutions.pdf

22nd April 2005 Jonathan Mantovani of Clan letter  to  LAT ClanstatementLambsClub.doc      Note the kind of information provided by the seller to the buyer  (the Duke and his team). This has permeated the reasoning of the developers and some in the Islington planning  authority  from the outset. Yet the buyer admits the seller has a financial    interest in seeing the club  destroyed.!   " ...the legal agreement that exists between us places us under an obligation to pursue a residential redevelopment which will allow you to participate in various overages. The Club was established by you in 1979 as a private members club i.e.. not subsidised in any way by the Local Authority.   You have advised us that membership is available for squash at a rate of £54.50/month and that you have 400 squash members of which only a maximum of 30 are actually resident in the Borough of Islington.   The squash element is heavily undersubscribed with capacity for a further 400 members and that membership fees would have to increase to £200/month in order for the business to break even.   In short it is not a viable commercial business."

20 October 2005 Corporation of London letter to Kevin Henson London Borough of Islington " redevelopment would result   in   reduction of sporting/community facilities available to residents and workers of Islington and the City" CORPLONDONOCT2005Mr Henson - 20.10.05- lambs squash club2.doc.    

15 April 2005 letter to Deputy John Owen-Ward   Chairman Planning & Transportation Guildhall. Appeal for Corporation of London support to save club. Corporation of London letter.doc

4 April 2005 - Chris Smith MP letter to Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP on saving the   club CS23.PDF and Chris Smith MP letter to LBI planning control CS33.PDF

Brewery Chiswell Street conservation a rea and link to Lambs DP_PL_BreweryCA.pdf

03 June   2005 letter to His Grace The Duke of Buccleuch KT, VRD re Proposed Redevelopment of Lambs Squash Club DukeofBuccleuchletterweb.doc

10 March 2006 Rt Hon Emily Thornton MP   writes to the planning inspector  urging  the club be saved  EmilyThornberryMPplanningletter .doc

23 January 2006   Nick Rider, Chief Executive England Squash expresses strong  support  for  Lambs  in    letter to Graham Loveland, Assistant Director (Planning) London Borough of Islington EngSquashislington planners re lambs 230106.doc

25 February 2006 Nick Rider, Chief Executive England Squash to London Borough of Islington rebutting some Pan Leisure Consulting assertions in respect of Lambs Squash Club ENGSQUASHResponse to PLC report - Lambs Clubforweb.doc

05 April 2006 LAMBS ACTION TEAM OUTLINE OBJECTIONS TO PLANNING APPLICATION No. P052310 presented to LBI planning authority. FinalLATOutlineofObjections(web).DOC 

27th April 2005   Two letters from our planning consultant, Howard J Green FRICS to Director of Planning London Borough of Islington Mr Kevin Henson, re FIRST APPLICATION Appln. Ref. No: PO5/0441   AND on 3rd November 2005 re SECOND APPLICATION Appln. Ref. Nos: P052334 and P052310 FINALVERSHowardGreenobjection-secondapplication.doc

10-May-2005 Application No: P050441 BOROUGH COUNCIL'S DECISION: Planning Permission REFUSED on the 10-May-2005   Case Officer: Kevin Henson
full refusal first application.doc

18 May 2006 Mayor of London on concerns about Lambs GLA letterMar31.pdf 

31 March 2005 letter of objection to Islington Planning Dept from SHIDOKAN EUROPEAN FEDERATION FRANCE   Re  Apln P050441 to develop 1 Lambs Passage   islingtonplanning300305.doc

26 July 2005 - Matthew Delaney Regional Director Sport England comfort letter - " The proposed closure of Lambs Squash Club is a matter of concern to us." Lamb's Squash Club - MD supporting letter - 26.07.05.doc

24 Aug 2006 -   Sport England objections letter to Planning Inspectorate for Clan planning appeal on Lambs   Lamb's Squash club, 1 Lamb's Passage, Chiswell Street, EC1-ltr to PI - 24.08.06 PDF23.pdf 

3 April 2006 Peter Durrans Senior Planning Manager Sport England letter to Matthew Rosel London Borough of Islington, strongly urging refusals of Application Nos. P052310 and P052334 Lamb's Squash Club, 1 Lambs Passage, Chiswell Street, EC1- 03.04.06 PD.doc

12 Sep 2006 Lambs Action Team closing Legal Submissions to Planning Inquiry held by the Planning Inspector at Islington Library - Application P052334  lambs action team final submission 12sep061.pdf   

13 April 2006 Barrister   Mark Watson of 6 Pump Court  ADVICE on PROPOSED REDEVELOPMENT OF LAMBS SQUASH CLUB Lambs squash - final advice1Markwatsonwebsite.doc

19  April 2005   Corporation of London -   Lord Mayor, Alderman Michael Savory letter of concern about proposed closure of Lambs Club Lambs Squash Club Lord Mayor response.doc  

September 2005 DP9 PLANNING STATEMENT LAMBS CLUB - Appendix 3 " Lamb’s Club and Other Comparable Facilities in the Surrounding Area" is the crux of the matter.Lambs- planning statement - redevelopment.doc

8 June 2006 Lambs Passage Draft Development Brief - initial version amended after objections from our Legal Team and Sport England.   Later deferred by councillors pending outcome of Planning Inspector's report on Lambs Appeal lambs_passage_draft_development_brief.pdf

23-10-2005   Strategic Leisure - THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LAMBS CLUB AND AN ASSESSMENT OF THE IMPLICATIONS OF ITS CLOSURE LambsNeedassessmentReportwebsite.doc

12 July 2006 LBI consulted on its Lamb’s Passage Development Brief between 12 July 2006 and 1 August 2006.   Our suggestions for public comments on the brief Lamb’sPassageDevelopmentBriefconsultation.doc

13 April   2006 Below are surveys, comparisons  and other documents submitted as Schedules backing the LAT objection  lodged with  Islington  local  authority:
Availability Survey   
Capacity Survey
Catchment Survey
PPG Case Law  
Business Plan
LAT Comp Cost.pdf

LAT Content of Schedules.pdf

LAT Distance Survey.pdf

LAT MW advice.pdf

LAT ObjectionsfinalV& E.pdf
LAT ODPM press release.pdf

LAT Planning decision.pdf

LAT PPG Case.pdf

LAT Rebuttal.pdf


Analysis of Pan-Leisure Reports PDF.PDF

5 June 2006 and 9 October 2006 Two letters to LBI and public bodies objecting to the Planning Officer's partial report and thus inappropriate recommendation  on  the  Lambs  planning  application  in the former case, and to an LBI move to decide on the application at council level despite the fact that a Planning Inspector inquiry outcome is pending, in the latter case. LegalLettertoCouncillorsAddendumReport.DOC
Letter re 9 Oct Agenda final1(LBI).pdf

19 January 2006 Matthew Delaney Sport England Regional Director, London letter to Cllr. George Allan Chair, Islington South Area Planning Sub-Committee expressing deep Sport England concern at the partial nature of the Planning Officers report to South Area Planning Committee meeting of Tuesday 24th January 2006. (The outcome of that meeting was councillors deferred a decision on PPG17 grounds)Letter to Councillors (Jan24 meetingSportengl).doc

  10 Sept 2006 Cllr Ruth Polling letter (submitted at request of LBI Chief Planning Lawyer Rachel Lee) to the Planning Inquiry after it became clear that Islington did not have a corporate view on the application because councillors had not yet reached   a planning committee  decision  on  it. LibDem Letter.pdf 

LIB DEMS health policy paper LIBDEMShealthycommunities,healthypeople.pdf 

LIB DEMS Policy Paper 66, Personal Best, statement of party policy on sport and fitness  LibDemSportsPolicyPaper.doc

7 April 2005 Letter to Corporation of London -   Lord Mayor, Alderman Michael Savory   about proposed closure of Lambs Club   Lord Mayorletter.doc

06 October 2005, email    to the Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor of London from Lambs Action Team re objections to second planning application and urging the Corporation to acquire the site. Mayor+corplondon2ndapplic.doc

10 May 2005 standard response sent by Sports Division, Department for Culture, Media and Sport to Lambs members and supporters petitioning the Minister to intervene MinisterofSport-SportEnglandsupport.doc

2 June 2006 Nick Rider Chief Executive England Squash letter to   Matthew J Rosel Principal Planning Officer Major Applications North/South Area Islington Borough Council   Planning Application Nos. P052310 and P052334, Lamb’s Passage  in response to the paper submitted at the eleventh hour by Ashurst on behalf of Clan Real Estate (Lamb’s Passage) Ltd nickriderlettertomatthew rosel 020606.doc

14 April 2006 email from Nick Rider Chief Executive England Squash To: rebutting arguments put forward by Clan through their Counsel with regard to aspects of the application of PPG17 in this case NickRiderlettertoPlanningofficerApril1406.doc

11 January 2006 LBI Officers Report to the Jan planning committee recommending approval of planning consent and maintaining that Reason 6 objections in the first application has been " adequately addressed" . OfficersRepP052310.doc 

10 March 2006 letter from Eileen Hinson of Pan Leisure (Clan's leisure consultant and PPG 17 assessment author) to LBI responding to LAT's summary objections raised at the January 2006 planning meeting Other Documents From Applicant - Typed document - Letter from DP9 dated 10_03_06.pdf

  November 2005 Report by Eileen Hinson of Pan Leisure purporting to be a PPG 17 assessment of Lambs and submitted only because LAT had made clear that the developer totally ignored PPG17 from the very outset (Easter 2005). LAT thus succeeded finally in persuading the developer and Planning Officer Matthew Rosel that PPG 17 was most material Pan Leisure Report.pdf

  Petition to Save Lambs Squash Club London addressed to   Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP Minister of State for Sport Department for Culture, Media & Sport Petition to Save Lambs Squash Club London.doc

  29 April   2005 important letter from   Mayor of London – Ken Livingstone’s office to email appeal to save Lambs club. It  suggests the Mayor has the power to direct the Council to refuse planning permission under the Town and Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2000. ResponsefromMayorofLondonKenLivingstone.doc

  18 April   2006   Local schools respond to possible use of Lambs Squash facilities for junior squash development and local community sports, positive replies from at least 4 schools save lambs   - local school letters of support for using squash   facilities   -.doc

  25 September 2006 . PLANNING APPLICATIONS P052310 and P052334 Objections to proposed redevelopment of Lambs Squash Club and to Planning Control’s proposal to recommend these for approval at the South Area Planning Sub Committee meeting of 9th October 2006. Addressed to the Mayor and Councillors London Borough of Islington, and copied to Development Control Service, Head of Service Mr Ian Wilson    SaveLambsObjectionsPetitionagainst Oct9thplanningagenda.doc

  7 April 2006 Second letter from Islington MP in support of protests against club redevelopment.second Lambs letterfrom Islington MP.doc

28-Sep-2005 NOTIFICATION OF A PLANNING APPLICATIONS Application No: P052334 NB Identical duplicate application also made Ref P052310. advisory from planning officer Kevin Henson Secondplanning application refs SWIFTEMAIL121.doc

  12-Sep-2005 Sport England closing submission to the Planning inquiry Sport England Submission.pdf

  3 November 2005 Sport England letter to Kevin Henson – Case Officer with comments on Application Nos. P052334 and P052310 - planning application, and duplicate application SportEnglandplanningcommentsNov2005.doc

  24 October 2005 letter to Rt Hon the Lord Mayor Alderman Michael Savory calling for support to save Lambs from at least 51 major City firms that use Lambs to compete in an annual team knock-out competition SquaremilerslettertoLordMayorOct 2005doc.doc

  11 April 2005 email to Steve Hitchins then the Leader of the Council Islington Borough Council appealing for council support against Demolition of Lamb’s Squash Club  SteveHitchinsIslCleader.doc
  18 April 2005 email to Steve Hitchins then the Leader of the Council Islington Borough Council from a club member and resident in Islington SteveHitchinsRossDavidson.doc

  25th August 2006   Suggestions for observations from club members and supporters to The Planning Inspectorate ahead of the Sept 2006 planning inquiry into Lambs Suggested submission to The Planning Inspectorate sept 2006.doc

  03 April 2005   Suggestions for Suggestions for an email to Islington council via Councillor Jyoti Vaja Suggestions for an email to Islington council.doc

  29 April 2006 Tackling Child Obesity - First Steps Report of a joint study by the Healthcare Commission, the National Audit Office and the Audit Commission. Published February 28th 2006. Suggested document for emailing to Islington councillors in support of saving the club .Tackling Child Obesity - First Steps.doc

  29 April 2006 Lambs member Tania Loughran correspondence with Islington ENVIRONMENT & CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT Head of Greenspace – Bob Gilbert over the lack of alternative facilities should Lambs close.  Tania corresp with Islington.doc

  02 November 2005 email to Steve Hitchins then Leader, Islington Council from Lambs Action Team suggesting a CPO by the council of the squash site To Islington Council Leader acquisition of lambs.doc

  31 May 2005  Lawyers letter to Islington Planning Officer rebutting last minute assertions by Ashursts on behalf of DP9/Clan  related to earlier submissions by Lambs legal team ahead of the officer's report for the June 8 2006 planning sub committee meeting.  V& E Letter31Mar.pdf

  21 Aug 2006 LAT proof of evidence to the planning inquiry held in Sep 2006 Lambs Action Team - Proof of Evidence.pdf

Raise  the  campaign profile higher -
Sign& Send this petition:
Online Petition to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, download,  sign and  email  it  to  the  Minister. 
We are after a 1000.   Numbers are important. The more you petition the Department - the more the issue rises on minister's radar screens.. and it is already an important issue , so keep sending.....

Record your support for the Save Lambs campaign   I support the campaign

Arguments that can be used in your objections here
Please sign and fill  out this new objection/petition
(download here ) return  to    us (here's my petition)


WORD DOCUMENT ONE    (Barrister Opinion - Rupert Warren)          

DOCUMENT TWO   (Pan Leisure's PPG17 assessment )

The letters of representations by Howard J Green, FRICS, Chartered Surveyor, Planning Consultant. produced at  the  request of Lambs Action Team on behalf of club members and supporters, were delivered   to Islington Planning Authority on April 7th 2005 and on November 3rd  2005.

Read    the letters of representations by Howard J Green, FRICS, Chartered Surveyor, Planning Consultant.
Also  at our request
Strategic  Leisure,  an  independent  firm of sports consultants  with wide experience in the field, submitted  a  comprehensive  assessment  of  community need  for  the  existing  squash  facility  at  Lambs to Islington Planning Authority. 

  Read    the report by Strategic Leisure,
This firm of sports consultants  submitted  a  comprehensive  assessment  of  community need  for  the  existing  squash  facility  at  Lambs. 
Thank  you  all  members  and  supporters  who  contributed  fighting  funds  to  pay  for  these professional independent reports.

Sport England,  a statutory  consultee in the planning process, lodged a 6-page  comment  with Islington Planning Authority on the developers applications. Read it here.
: " Sport England considers Lambs to be a highly significant club in the squash world. It has been the base for Peter Nicol, former world no.1 player, and still one of the top international squash players. The club also attracts other top players and has always been a hub for the international squash scene. London has been described as the world capital of squash and the Lambs Club makes an important contribution to this role..."

Read Clan's planning statement submitted to Islington Planning and justifying the proposed redevelopment. Pay particular attention to Appendix 3 which seeks to demonstrate that Lambs Squash Club is underused, unprofitable, has a declining membership, and that existing players will have no difficulty finding alternative squash facilities in the area.
QUOTE from developer's planning statement:
The club is a private leisure facility that is losing money and has a declining membership. Only a small proportion (4.7%) of the existing members of the facility live in Islington and there are a substantial number of alternative squash and leisure facilities within the area immediately surrounding the site. Furthermore, the existing operator has already offered to transfer memberships to other Fitness Exchange or associate clubs within the area at no additional cost. END QUOTE.

Sport England comfort letter: Read it here" ...Squash is one of Sport England's top ten priority sports. Lambs Squash Club is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence for the sport....  Sport England would wish to encourage all avenues to be explored to allow squash to continue to be played on the Lamb's site." extract from a Sport England letter to Lambs Action Team.
  Square Mile lobbying letter to Lord Mayor  City  of  London  download
  Corporation of London (statutory consultee) planning objection letter filed  Read it here
City of London firms - Do convey  your views to the Lord Mayor
Helpful letters/emails: Minister of Sport     Lord Mayor Islington council to MP's  
Write Islington Gazette: here 
  Here are government guidelines on planning appeals procedures
Download our letter  to  the Duke of Buccleuch  on Lambs redevelopment download
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Letter  for schools support campaign

The campaign:   If you have a child or know a Lambs supporter with a child at school anywhere in Islington please rally parent/teacher support for a junior squash programme at Lambs over weekends. We seek letters of commitment in principle from schools wanting to participate in junior squash and make use of the Centre of Excellence, Lambs represents. You can download a letter to schools
Please have school send us a response on letterhead by email as soon as possible.
Planning committee councillors are now more evenly divided between Liberal Democrats and Labour. In addition all three Lib Dem councillors representing Bunhill Ward have come out in  favour  of saving the facility.
The Labour members of the full council have also made it clear that as a group they oppose the loss of the facility.  Lib  Dem  and  Labour  councillors hold almost the same number of seats in the borough since the May 2006 local election.
Clear signs of interest from the local community in the use of Lambs as a future local sports amenity will help extend support for the campaign.
Help with this vital effort  if you can.

Scroll down for the campaign we launched to impact on Borough elections in May 2006




This was the campaign we launched to impact on Borough elections in May 2006

May 4 2006 Borough elections in Islington. Campaign starts   24 March. Now's the time to lobby and talk to our councillors. Read on for how.   Want  our  votes and those of our friends?  Save  our  club!   USE THIS INFO

Download this letter, have candidates in your ward sign and email it to the local authority

Read the Lib Dems Policy Paper on Sport. This  encourages active cooperation between schools and local sports facilities to provide opportunities for wider sport participation for youngsters at an early age, Lambs fits the bill 100%- use the arguments when objecting to P052310.
READ full
pdf document

Some aspects of the campaign to object to the second application

RENEW YOUR OBJECTIONS! Islington has now advised we can do have until June 8, 2006 TO OBJECT TO THE AMENDED CLAN PLANNING APPLICATION - quote application number P052310.   This purports to address PPG17 issues.   
Planning  subcommittee  is  now set  to  take  a final decision on June 8. Do object strenuously to P052310  amendment on redevelopment  at 1, Lamb's Passage, Islington, London, EC1Y 8LE.
Object strenuously to P052310:

I object   (send the team  a copy )

NB: If that fails 
email the authority (
are arguments of use in filing electronic objections to Islington. We suggest you stress the PPG 17 arguments. This is the developer's weakest point and the reason why the application was deferred at the last meeting.

Lambs players who live in the Borough of Islington or with friends and colleagues who are registered voters can help. Please do some of the following:

Impress on the councillors the importance of Lambs to the working and wider communities in Islington
email the Mayor of Islington Cllr Jonathan Dearth

Tell  them  it  represents a unique and critical sporting facility.

Urge  them to work harder to save it. Remind them you are a voter.

Attend your ward councillor's regular surgeries to talk about Lambs. Urge friends and other voters to  do  likewise. 

Some useful surgery information on your councillors:
here for George Allan Clerkenwell Surgery Details
here  and   here  and   here  for  Bunhill  (Lambs is in this ward)

Here's a link to a news item to send local councillors
Lack of exercise tops list of worries

Councillors  are elected every   4 years to represent each ward.

What do Islington Councillors do
All Councillors in this Liberal Democrat-controlled Council are up for re-election on May 4.
This includes those on the planning sub committee who will make the decision about Lambs redevelopment.
Quote from Islington website: " As a community leader councillors can put forward proposals to improve the ward they represent. This may include bringing together different community groups to develop a case for change. They can also help make decisions about council services."
So we need to put a case for change by convincing elected representatives  that  sports  facilities  are  integral  to  life  in  the  Borough  and Lambs is a flagship  community  facility ideal for the purpose.

Lobby  local authorities, MPs, Ministers. Large volumes of email are encouraged------- For starters Sign& Send this petition:

Online Petition to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, download,  sign and  email  it  to  the  Minister. 
We need a 1000. The more you petition the Department - the more ministers will sit up  and  notice

Record your support for the Save Lambs campaign   I support the campaign

Email MPs  seeking support for the campaign:
Lobby   Emily Thornberry, Labour MP Islington South and other key figures (see concerns she has voiced about loss of Lambs  here   (in her blog for Saturday April 16).
Read  and  copy
latest LAT letter seeking help from the Islington MP. Adapt this and email it to Emily Thornberry

Copy your email to:Jennette Arnold, Labour, London Assembly lead member for 2012 Olympics

Here's an easy way to lobby all the politicians involved

Lord Mayor  and Corporation of London
here Islington  South MP: Minister of State for Sport here       Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London here   Jennette Arnold, Labour, London Assembly lead member for 2012 Olympic bid here   John Biggs, Labour, London Assembly  member  for  City  of  London here Mark Field, Conservative, Central London Group  includes City  of  London here   (cc  the  team)  
Here's an easy way to lobby all the politicians involved

Join our action mailing list  include me in



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