Wimbledon of Squash-
Centre of Excellence
in Olympic 2012 capital 1, Lamb's Passage, Islington,
London, EC1Y 8LE


Stop the Chop -  a team effort    
613 objections filed so far - deadline extended

 Campaigns by Lambs Squash Club members and supporters to save the Wimbledon of Squash from redevelopment
retaining  it as a centre of Squash excellence. First year, campaign started Easter 2005 - 


     Saving Lambs - a cause backed by:
    Rt Hon Richard Caborn Minister for Sport;

App. No P052310
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May 4 2006 Borough elections in Islington. Campaign starts  24 March
Now's the time to lobby and talk to our councillors. Read on for how.

Want our votes and those of our friends? Save our club!  USE THIS INFO

new Download this letter, have candidates in your ward sign and email it to the local authority
new Read the Lib Dems Policy Paper on Sport. This encourages active cooperation between schools and local sports facilities to provide opportunities for wider sport participation for youngsters at an early age, Lambs fits the bill 100%- use the arguments when objecting to P052310. Download policy. READ full pdf document

RENEW YOUR OBJECTIONS! Islington has now advised WE HAVE UNTIL June 8, 2006 TO OBJECT TO THE AMENDED CLAN PLANNING APPLICATION - quote application number P052310.  This purports to address PPG17 issues. Planning subcommittee is now set to take a final decision on June 8 . Do object strenuously to P052310 amendment on redevelopment at 1, Lamb's Passage, Islington, London, EC1Y 8LE.
Object strenuously to P052310:  I object
 (send the team a copy )
NB: If th
at fails email the authority (
are arguments of use in filing electronic objections to Islington. We suggest you stress the PPG 17 arguments. This is the developer's weakest point and the reason why the application was deferred at the last meeting.

Lambs players who live in the Borough of Islington or with friends and colleagues who are registered voters can help. Please do some of the following:

Impress on the councillors the importance of Lambs to the working and wider communities in Islington
email the Mayor of Islington Cllr Jonathan Dearth
Tell them it represents a unique and critical sporting facility.
Urge them to work harder to save it. Remind them you are a voter.
Attend your ward councillor's regular surgeries to talk about Lambs. Urge friends and other voters to do likewise. 
Some useful surgery information on your councillors:
here for George Allan Clerkenwell Surgery Details;
here and  here and  here for Bunhill (Lambs is in this ward)
Here's a link to a news item to send local councillors Lack of exercise tops list of worries

Councillors are elected every  4 years to represent each ward. What do Islington Councillors do?

All Councillors in this Liberal Democrat-controlled Council are up for re-election on May 4.
This includes those on the planning sub committee who will make the decision about Lambs redevelopment.
Quote from Islington website: "As a community leader councillors can put forward proposals to improve the ward they represent. This may include bringing together different community groups to develop a case for change. They can also help make decisions about council services."
So we need to put a case for change by convincing elected representatives that sports facilities are integral to life in the Borough and Lambs is a flagship community facility ideal for the purpose.
Lobby local authorities, MPs, Ministers. Large volumes of email are encouraged.
------- For starters Sign&Send this petition:
Online Petition to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, download, sign and email it to the Minister. 
We need a 1000. The more you petition the Department - the more ministers will sit up and notice

Record your support for the Save Lambs campaign  I support the campaign
Email MPs seeking support for the campaign:
Lobby  Emily Thornberry, Labour MP Islington South and other key figures (see concerns she has voiced about loss of Lambs here  (in her blog for Saturday April16).
Read and copy
latest LAT letter seeking help from the
Islington MP. Adapt this and email it to Emily Thornberry
Copy your email to:Jennette Arnold, Labour, London Assembly lead member for 2012 Olympics

Lord Mayor and Corporation of London
here; Islington South MP: Minister of State for Sport here;   Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London here;  Jennette Arnold, Labour, London Assembly lead member for 2012 Olympic bid here;  John Biggs, Labour, London Assembly member for City of London here; Mark Field, Conservative, Central London Group includes City of London here;  (cc the team)  
Here's an easy way to lobby all the politicians involved TRY THIS.
Join our action mailing list  include me in

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