Stop the Chop -  a team effort



LAMBS FIGHTING FUND APPEAL -  contributor record here. We appealed for 2000 to pay for the two consultants reports.   As at November 8th the day after the objection deadline we had received the amounts shown on the contributor record. 
We deducted the cost of the planning consultant invoice  and the cost of photocopies of planning documents for the consultant.
We deducted the cost of the report by Strategic Leisure Ltd invoice  .
Very many thanks to you all.

The consultants (both of whom are or have been squash players) have been very generous with their time and accommodating with their fees. Thank you both

The next stage:  
I'm an ACTION person count on me to help spread word of the campaign to Lambs' members/players and the wider Squash community, encourage people to sign the petition to the Minister of State for Sport, email the Lord Mayor and Corporation of London about the importance of Lambs to the working community in the City, onpass new member emails to LAT, lobby where needed to defeat the redevelopment  include me in :
I'm a NETWORKER, I will action my contacts in finance, property development, sporting consultancy, the Mayor and Corporation of London, City business forums,  lobbying firms, other (please specify)  include me in
I'm a FINANCE person and can: raise funds for the buyback, know a potential buyer, have some good ideas for you include me in
I'm TIMEPRESSED but I support the cause,  will file an objection to the next application and make a pledge to the fighting fund include me in  

Members meeting was held at Bishops Finger, Thur May 26 05, 6 pm
If you missed the download window and would like the meeting documents, send your name, contacts and Lambs membership No. send documents  


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We asked for contributions to pay for this objection - cost 1057.50 -  and we thank you - just two hours after an email appeal 36 members and supporters stumped up enough to meet the bill Invoice here
These supporters/members have  generously pledged to help on the SECOND APPLICATION see above.. 2005