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Stop the Chop -  a team effort    
613 objections filed so far - deadline extended

 Campaigns by Lambs Squash Club members and supporters to save the Wimbledon of Squash from redevelopment
retaining  it as a centre of Squash excellence. First year, campaign started Easter 2005 - 


     Saving Lambs - a cause backed by:
    Rt Hon Richard Caborn Minister for Sport;

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Islington refuses developers application to demolish Lambs:

The determination was made May 10, 2005. A summary provided to us by Cllr Steve Hitchins Leader, Islington Council, says in part: The reasons for refusal relate to: design of the proposed scheme; standard of the proposed residential units within the scheme; impact on neighbouring properties; setting of the adjacent listed building; and the loss of sports facilities. The loss of the Squash Club as a reason for refusal was considered at length ...  (as) this issue is not clear cut in terms of the Council's policies.  However having considered our polices, those of the London Plan and the national planning guidance PPG17 (recreation and leisure), it was considered that a reason for refusal along these grounds could be sustained.  Further weight was given to this reason for refusal by the receipt of 200 letters of objection, including letters from Sport England and the Corporation of London (as an adjoining Borough).
Full refusal document
Lambs Action Team extends its sincerest thanks to everyone for their widespread support and sustained effort in fighting to save Lambs -  one of the world's squash flagships:

What's next?:
Members aim to persuade the developer to sell it back to us to be run as a squash and indoor sports facility on a long term basis.
commit to this here
Reactions:As a direct consequence of the success of the campaign to block the planning application and save the courts, Lambs Club owner Mike Corby terminated the memberships of complimentary member and Club Ladies Captain Tania Loughran and of paying member and campaign organiser Ken Pottinger. Others have been threatened. He told the Islington Express newspaper "...squash at Lambs is dead. Even if the planning permission is refused again the courts will be turned into a gymnasium". Mike Corby is president of England Squash, the game's governing body in England,  which exists to develop and foster squash.  England Squash can be contacted here. Mike Corby, a former Vice President of the World Squash Federation, has long committed to and invested in the game of squash in the UK and internationally.  A profile of his record and years of battling to get Squash into the Olympics, will be available on this site soon!
latest Buccleuch Property rebuffs buyback approach
Lambs Action Team wrote to the Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry KT (ultimate owner of Buccleuch Property, a partner in Clan Real Estate which has bought the freehold of Lambs. We sought to buy back the freehold or reach an acceptable compromise to preserve the squash club. In his reply of August 2, David Peck, Managing Director of Buccleuch Property rebuffed the idea and specifically ruled out providing any squash facility in the redevelopment. (Read his letter here). Clan will now reapply for planning permission to change use, and redevelop. As before we will have the opportunity to object to this and any subsequent reapplications.  The second and subsequent games of this decisive set begin.

to dissuade parties involved from redeveloping the site on which Lambs Squash Club (Islington/City of London border) presently stands and save the facility for Squash.
Reason: Lambs' outstanding role in promoting national and international Squash over the past 25 years; the detrimental impact on Squash's move to become an Olympic sport, and on the London 2012 Olympic bid; destruction of a facility which has developed an irreplaceable depth and breadth of playing, coaching and tournament squash; 1100 members and tens of dozens of their guests and friends stand to be deprived of a 9-court facility which includes the largest show court in the SE; loss of a sports facility of considerable value to the adjacent City of London;  negative impact on public health at a time of growing government concern about obesity and wellness.

Lambs statement (here):
...I confirm the site has been sold to a development company, Clan Estates. The Fitness Exchange has entered into a lease back arrangement for the foreseeable future. It is anticipated that we will vacate the site in the spring of 2006…" - Carmel Carey, Director.
Lambs views: listen to audio, download transcript:
Club founder and owner Mike Corby, president of England Squash, told BBC London Radio 30 March 2005:... I've had every great player in the world since 1979 (play at Lambs) and largely because … a lot of these people are my friends. ....Why don't you all come and see us and I'll be able to go and see the developers and maybe we can buy it back… I'm saying come and see me and I can go and see the developers and we can have a discussion.  I know them very well.  They are very nice talks. If somebody can come up and raise some cash and we can do a deal with them, provided that they are not out of pocket over money etc and they don't lose any money on it, they are business people and that's the whole reason I sold it …"
  Borough of Islington's view(here):
Steve Hitchins, Leader, Islington Council says: “...the current though it may not be the final view of officers in the Council's planning department is that the scheme is overly ambitious for the site and it may be refused under delegated powers.."
Corporation of London's view(here):
“....Islington will consult the Corporation on this planning application, and we shall convey to them our views about the negative impact that closure would have on the attractiveness of the City as a workplace and on public health…"
ex-MPs view:(here):
Chris Smith former Labour MP for Islington South wrote to the Minister of State for Sport: “....I would be grateful if you would consider intervening yourself in this matter given the impact that the closure of the club may have on the future of the sport of squash, its current bid for Olympic status and the subsequent possible implications of London's 2012 bid for the Olympics..."
Developer's view:(here):
“…We will not sell the site back nor include any squash courts,  we are focused on securing a planning consent and thereafter developing the site for onward sale of the completed units..." - Jonathan Mantovani, Clan Director

What you can NOW do to help save Lambs :
Lambs members aim to persuade the developer to sell the club back to us: commit to this here

As at April 14, campaign day 20, at least 120 objections had been lodged and advised to the website. The final tally,  we are now advised, was 200. Thank you everyone! .
The deadline for formal objections was April 7, a determination was published May 10, 2005. 

Lobby:  Lord Mayor and Corporation of London here;  Minister of State for Sport here;  Lord Coe of London Olympics 2012 bid here;    Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London here;   Jennette Arnold, Labour, London Assembly lead member for 2012 Olympic bid here;   John Biggs, Labour, London Assembly member for City of London here;   Mark Field, Conservative, Central London Group includes City of London here;   (cc the team)  

City of London firms - Do convey your views to the Lord Mayor
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Write Islington Gazette: here 
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