LAMBS   Wimbledon of Squash - Centre of Excellence in Olympic 2012 capital 1 Lamb's Passage, Islington, London, EC1Y 8LE
    Save Lambs Stop the Chop       
    A  true team effort in the best interest  of the game of Squash
      Campaigns by Lambs Squash Club members to save the Wimbledon of Squash from redevelopment retaining  it as a  centre of Squash excellence.   Launched Easter 2005

    Campaign to save the Wimbledon of Squash is backed by:
    Rt Hon Richard Caborn  Minister for Sport Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP Islington South & Finsbury Chris Smith Chair of the London Cultural Consortium   Baroness Hamwee  Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Regional and Local Government, House of Lords   Matthew Delaney, Regional Director  Sport England Nick Rider Chief Executive England Squash Several thousand squash players and supporters worldwide

Why save Lambs?

The 9 court facility in central London has been a centre of excellence for more than 25 years. Today a developer backed by the Duke of Buccleuch Scotland’s wealthiest landlord wants to turn it into a pedestrian 9 storey block of flats, depriving the local community of a strategic facility which can never be replaced. Squash ranks among the UK's top 10 priority sports. British players hold more Squash world titles and rankings than in any other sport. Government planning policy (PPG17) protects facilities that are not surplus to requirement. Lambs has more than 1100 members, some 50 leagues, two county teams, a vibrant squash ladder, and a thriving player and social community in the heart of the City. Some Islington planning officers think the Duke's flats are more important. We don’t.  Nor do local councillors. So we're fighting to stop the Duke.
Backing us are key national and local figures and bodies.   Join in if you care about the future of Squash in this country

(More details are available to members, players and supporters here)

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Our Photo gallery
Peter and Bengy

1st Team

Our Club - what we're fighting to save

Full house for Lambs show court
Photos:Steve Cubbins

  Recognise any of the staff?
Waiting for a game at a recent Club night
Game of snooker before grub, anyone?

Our Photo gallery

John and Glen

John, (8th ranked world) James (Lambs staff), Jonathan (4th ranked world) after playing at Lambs club recently.

Pete  Nicol  focused

Photo: thanks to  Steve Cubbins

Lambs show court - Open battle

Recent Club night turnout


Our Photo gallery

Jahangir Khan, Lee Beachill on Lambs show court for BBC TV series on " Squash for the Olympic Games 2012" bid. Ack. Alan Thatcher

Lambs Show Court.

Photos courtesy  of Steve Cubbins
Photos courtesy  of Steve Cubbin

Commonwealth Games squash champion Peter Nicol at Lambs mid October 2006

Photo:  Kev McC



Why save Lambs

Local schools in the area have indicated strong support for the idea   of extending junior squash opportunities into the community. This interest comes at   a time when  both Government and the Local Authority are equally concerned about serious  obesity problems and an exercise malaise among young and old.  
Islington itself has produced a physical activity strategy.   Cllr George Allen, chairman of the South Area Planning Sub Committee and the councilllor who in January 2006, sought to persuade the committee to approve the recommendation to pull down Lambs, is council's executive member tasked  with  " promoting physical activity - a strategy for Islington" . Download the strategy
It urges cooperation between local private sports facilities and schools in extending exercise benefits to young people. The sitting councillors in Bunhill Ward (these include the current Mayor of Islington), Cllr Jyoti Vaja, Cllr Donna Boffa and Cllr Ruth Polling, have all made clear their opposition to the idea of destroying this facility particularly because of the potential it offers for 7 day opening and junior squash opportunities.
The Labour opposition councillors in the borough are equally appalled at the idea and have made their views very clear.
Emily Thornberry the sitting Labour MP for  Islington South  and Finsbury wants Lambs saved. READ HER LETTER 

Chris Smith former Labour MP for Islington South wrote to the Minister of State for Sport: “....I would be grateful if you would consider intervening yourself in this matter given the impact that the closure of the club may have on the future of the sport of squash, its current bid for Olympic status and the subsequent possible implications of London's 2012 bid for the Olympics..."
ex-MP's view here:

Corporation of London's view(here):
“....Islington will consult the Corporation on this planning application, and we shall convey to them our views about the negative impact that closure would have on the attractiveness of the City as a workplace and on public health…








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